Friday, June 15, 2007

Soxy Tadpole

As I've made it a little too clear from yesterday's post, I LOOOOOOVE to play with notatoys, mainly because the hoomans chase me around to try to get them back. When i play with my toys, the hoomans aren't usually as frantic in their attempt to retrieve them. Anyway, I got some more notatoys (of course!) today. Auntie said these sawks are a lot safer...

Here's how I play with notatoys!

Mmmmmm... dirty sweaty smelly socks! Yummy!

And my favoritest doggin in the whole wide world is coming to visit me this weekend! Guess who it is!

YES! TADPOLE!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT! I LOOOOOOOVE TAD! Sigh. He's so dreamy....

Do you think if I look all moony-eyed at him like this he'll fall in love with me?

I'm pretty sure he already has a special place in his heart for me. He's mine, ladies, ya hear? Stay away from Tad! He's mine!


Oscar Airedale said...

Have fun with Tad this weekend Coco.

I'm not allowed to play with socks cos I have eaten 3 before. Two came out in my poops and one I sicked up, oops.

Oscar x

Ume said...

kekeke... u r sooo cute, coco!
i like my Gorgor's socks too! i'll post a video 1 of these days.
Tad is all yours, girl, all yours!

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Coco...
I love those sox notatoys too! The stinkier the better. are so little how did you get up on that big big couch???

I'm so happy Taddy is coming to visit you this weekend. Make sure you take lots of pictures & movies of all your adventures. Oh and is Fig coming too?

Lots of Licks, Ruby

e said...

oh coco you're real cute!
Oh my Eve would freak if she saw me running with scissors...
You rock, though!


fig said...

Coco! That was a NICE MOVE, darting in and getting those sox then running away FAST! I might need to use that one myself one of these days. With panties though. Panties are my favorite.

Tadpole said...

I like that picture of you holding the smelly socks and chewing on them!

And I'll see you soon...!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco.
I love socks too! They are great notatoys!
I hope you have a great weekend with Tadpole!!

Toby said...

Oh my Coco, you are such a cutie pie! And it's good to see you've found a much safer notatoy this time.

So what kinda plans do you and Tad have for this weekend?? Is Figs coming along to visit too??


Joe Stains said...

coco, you sure are fast. I cant wait to see pics of you and Tad. But where is Fig going to be?

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Coco, I'm not a girly dog but just have to say... Tad's all yours :)

Nice choice on the notatoy this time. Less dangerous but prolly very berry smelly!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Coco your mommy misses you sooooo much, but she is so happy to see you and auntie lh having such a good time together!!!!! See you in two days!!!!!

Peanut said...

Oh socks. I don't get to play with those since I try to eat them. Have fun with Tad

Ferndoggle said...

You have excellent taste Coco. Tadpole is one cool dude! He's in my band. And he has my picture in his jail!!!

My Mom loves to say "Not for Lola, Not for Lola...Not for Lola" about all kinds of notatoys. I say EVERYTHING's for Lola!


Anonymous said...

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