Friday, June 29, 2007

Check out my Guestbook!


well, obviously *someone* has trespassed onto my blog and posted an illegitimate entry! she did a very nice job at incriminating herself, too, by posting pictures of herself acting all superior and snobby!! when i heard the things she said about me, I was depressed:

but mommy said, hey cheer up babe - i'll play with you!!

she made me laugh in spite of my desire to continue to pout!

then she gave me a cool new zebra toy to cheer me up. check it out:

it makes noise when you chew on it's ears, and it has two different squeak zones for double the fun!

thank dogness my mommy loves me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

shhhhh! don't tell!

hey everydoggy. my name is sophie. yeah, i know this is coco's blog. and i know you've been hearing about me from that thing that moved into my home last november. she's been talking about me behind my back while i've been sulking in mom's closet. anyway, she's taking a snooze right now, so i thought i'd sneak onto her blog, sit up and speak for myself, so you cuold hear the TRUTH about our situation.

here's me:

yes, i know. i'm pretty. a lovely, happy, smiling little beauty who was the delight of my mother's heart. i can do tricks, too. here i'm sitting up to make my mommy happy:

and that's how we all were - happy.

until one day when i wasn't paying close enough attention...

something very bad happened to me. a little jumpy, yelpy, annoying DOG came into my home. at first i thought it was just here for a little while, to maybe help with my mom's midlife crisis or something, but noooooooooooooo....

it is still here and it has taken over my home, my family, my yard, my toys, my treats, and everything else i held dear. my mom, dad, girl and even my boy make such a freakin' big deal about this thing they call coco. i do NOT see what the attraction is, myself. in fact, i honestly think it wants to eat me:

new blankie-like dress and toy! yay!

i usually do not like to put on clothes for mommy, but today when she brought me home this new dress, i actually liked it! it reminds me of my blankie, cuz it's leopard print, too. here i am:

she also brought me a new chewy toy thing, so i took it up to the top of the back of the chair where i could gaze out the window while intermittently chewing on it. it was nice.

it was rainy today, so we just hung out in the kitchen snacking when mom got home. she shared some cheese and crackers with me! sophie came out for awhile, but when the food was gone, so was she. back to the closet she went.

sure hope everydog has a nice evening!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

turn about is fair play!

oh my heavens look what my mommy found in her photos!!!! now we are even, mr. taddles! i've sniffed up your bum, too!!! gotcha!

kissin-cousin, coco

Proof that Tad and I loves each other.

There it is, doggie-friends. We are kissing. Nose to nose. Me and Tad.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Party time!

Here's a picture of me leaving Tad & Fig's party the other day! I wish I could go see them ALL THE TIME, cuz not only are they so incredibly awesome, but usually my sweet loving auntie is there, too.

I miss her.

Monday, June 25, 2007

baby pictures

Mom wanted me to post some of my baby pictures. These were a few months ago - I've really grown since then!

Puppy Love

I thought I'd share a picture of my beloved big Sissy Sophie.

Every morning, I get a toy in my mouth and go ask her to play. But she always says NO. GO AWAY. But this morning, I think I saw her wag her tail at me from the other side of the cage! Maybe there is hope.

Maybe someday she'll figure out how much fun I am!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

visit to auntie's!!!!

OHMYDOG I got to go see auntie again! Mommy took me over to auntie's mom's house and massah was there with Fig and Tad. It was so much fun!!!! Everyone wanted to sniff me and smell me and jump up to say hi! I love being the center of attention.

Friday, June 22, 2007

After seeing Ruby's beautiful new clothes, I was inspired to share a picture of myself in one of my outfits. This is me with my big sissy Sophie. We got these matching shirts for Christmas, and Mommy oohed and ahhed about how cute we were. Someone needs to tell her that dressing us alike will not fix our relationship.

Look how sad we are. Neither one of us really likes having to put on clothes for Mom. And Sophie does NOT want to be held right next to me, making her even more sad. Then I get depressed, too, because she can just be so mean. *sigh*

I can't figure out WHAT is wrong with her! All I wanna do is love her and play with her!! Whenever I see her, I wag my little tail and RUN to say hello, jumping all over her to kiss her! Sometimes I playfully nip at the pretty bow Mommy puts in her hair, but for some reason she doesn't see how fun this is. So instead of playing with me, she runs away and hides in Mommy's closet, where her bed is. Then she yells at me and acts like she's going to BITE ME!! She can be really ferocious, until Mom comes and puts up the cage thing that keeps me out.

So Sophie lives in Mommy's closet pretty much all the time now. And I get the run of the house! So, in a funny kind of way, I guess this is working for me!!! But honestly, I'd like it better if Sophie would stop being so cranky, and start having fun with me. I will never give up trying to win her love, while biting at her and bugging the crap out of her all along the way.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meet the Family

This posting is kind of a test. Mommy brought me over to her mommy's house tonight for a birthday party for Mommy's Dad, because Auntie Leah would be there!!! I was sooooooooo excited to see Auntie!!!!!!! When she walked through the door, my entire body went into a wiggle and I jumped up and down and kissed her as much as she would let me!!!

Anyway, Auntie is showing my Mommy how to use this blog so I can keep up with my new pals. We didn't have any good photos over here at grammy's to share, so we decided to introduce my entire family to you. I am being held by Daddy in this photo, but I'm looking down so you can' really see my face. The reason I'm looking down is because Sophie (Mom's holding her) is looking down. I was wondering what she was looking for. But then Mom explained that Sophie is jealous of the new baby (that's me) and she is trying to figure out how to get away from me. It's very sad, but I do the best I can to punish her rejection of me by pestering her as much as I can.

Anyway! First blog with Mom's help! So good to be back!!! Love, Coco

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bye-Bye Auntie, Hello Family!

Well this was my last day with Auntie. It may be a couple of days until Mom learns how to do this blog for me, but rest assured I will be back in all my glory!

So this being the last day with Auntie I thought we'd do something fun. But this was her idea of fun...

See what I'm winking about? See it?! It's COCOnut-calypso flavored shampoo!

But you know what doggie shampoo means.... BATH. And Auntie didn't even have the decency to give me a bath in my regular shower. She did it in the kitchen sink. Can you believe it?! I wasn't too excited about it.

As if this isn't embarrassing enough...

And of all pictures, this was our last one of us from our week and a half we spent together. Pathetic. At least you can't really see her except for her goofy grin. She was laughing at me the entire time.

Then I ran and ran to try to dry off.

Um, yeah. I'm ready for my family to come home.

(This is Coco's Auntie signing off! I look forward to keeping up with everyone's blogs!)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Visit from Fig and Tad

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I've been too excited and having too much fun! Look who came yesterday!!!!!!!

Fig, Tad, and Massah! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! (Look how UNHAPPY Massah was in the car. It's because Auntie was jumping around and waving me around and Fig and Tad were OUT OF CONTROL CRAZY WANTING TO GET OUT OF THE CAR!)

Some of you asked if Fig was going to be joining us, since the only one I mentioned was Tad. Rest assured, where Tad goes, Fig always runs ahead. Let me explain why I prefer the Tadpole to the Fig. Fig, the heavyweight Boston, is a tad (hee! Tad!) overbearing. Don't get me wrong, she's nice and doesn't hurt me, but she's IN MY FACE NONSTOP ALL THE TIME. And she's not quite as gentle as Tad. Let me show you. This is Tad:

"Well hello there little Coco. You are a lovely and pleasant little puppy. So nice to see you again. I hope Massah lets me out of the car so we can exchange bum smells. Chip, chip, cheerio!"

And here's Fig:

"Be very afraid, little wimpy whatever you are. I don't think you're a dog cause you're so little. You're kinda like IT. And I DON'T TRUST YOU. See this skull and crossbones collar I'm wearing? Yeah. Don't mess with me. Because I am a Boston Terrorist. The coolest and baddest breed of dog EVER. I'll play nice, but listen up, pup, I won't let you out of my sight."

See the difference? So that's why I like Tad a tad bit more than Fig. Moving on... Here I am showing Fig how submissive I am to her:

Then she violated my personal space. But that's OK. It's just something we doggies have to go through.

And then TAD DID THE SAME THING. I was a pretty annoyed at him and told him "LISTEN YOU LITTLE CHINESE MAN! I may have secretly let the world know that I had a crush on you but if you're gonna do THIS (!!!) then it's OVER."

So Tad is no longer my secret boyfriend crush. Ladies, he's up for grabs! But beware! He's a little frisky!

And then after that Tad tries even harder to be macho by raising his leg to pee!!! I don't know if you've been following his blog at all, but he's a boy and he never pees like a boy should. He pees like a lady. Auntie tried to get pictures of him in the act, but her camera was too slow...

(And I don't know why she took this one. Who wants to see his scrawny little butt?!)

We were quite a bizarre mixture of doggins.

Then we went inside and Fig would NOT leave me alone. So I kept trying to get away from her and mostly laid around on the backs of chairs and couches. (Massah took a funny video of it, so make sure to check Tad's blog on Monday to see if she puts it up!)

Then Auntie and Massah decided it would be a cute idea to take their pictures with me and Tad. Whatever. (Notice the absence of Fig. That is because she was kept inside due to Moose, the neighbor's Golden Retriever coming over to visit. Fig FREAKS OUT whenever she sees him, even though he's as gentle as a lamb. She tries to attack and bite him, which is silly because he could eat her in one bite. So anyway while this picture was being taken Fig was still inside screaming her head off.)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Soxy Tadpole

As I've made it a little too clear from yesterday's post, I LOOOOOOVE to play with notatoys, mainly because the hoomans chase me around to try to get them back. When i play with my toys, the hoomans aren't usually as frantic in their attempt to retrieve them. Anyway, I got some more notatoys (of course!) today. Auntie said these sawks are a lot safer...

Here's how I play with notatoys!

Mmmmmm... dirty sweaty smelly socks! Yummy!

And my favoritest doggin in the whole wide world is coming to visit me this weekend! Guess who it is!

YES! TADPOLE!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT! I LOOOOOOOVE TAD! Sigh. He's so dreamy....

Do you think if I look all moony-eyed at him like this he'll fall in love with me?

I'm pretty sure he already has a special place in his heart for me. He's mine, ladies, ya hear? Stay away from Tad! He's mine!