Saturday, September 8, 2007


saturdays are my favorite days. especially the ones when daddy's home all day hanging with me. cuz that means it's play day! i know all you dawgs know what i'm talkin about...
it starts out something like this - hey dad - wanna play? it's a lot more fun than sitting on your bum watchin' that picture box thing making all that noise over there... that's right.... i got the monkey... betcha can't catch me!
hey! where'd the monkey go?
ok, you got the monkey.... now the monkey's flying through the air!!
HEY wait a minute, dad - I'M NOT THE MONKEY!! get me outta here!!
* save me mom!*
thanks, mom!! silly dad -
i loves my dad. but i don't really wanna be in his shirt...
anyway, that's how things are around here today. saturdays are just the bestest!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

auntie's hero & me

this picture is in honor of my wonderfu auntie's hero, jack kerouac. september is jack kerouac month, so i thought she'd enjoy my fond memories of him. oh, those were the days, when he used to tuck me into his jacket and take me with him wherever he went. i have a particular fondness for this photo of us, because we're frenching and i'm in my beat hep-cat turtleneck. happy jk month all you jivin' cool cats and hep dawgs out there!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i have been framed, so i am here to testify. i have raised my right paw and swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
i was not stealering tad's card. i was sealing it with a kiss just like i told mom. i just wanted to do it in the privacy of my room so i could get my scent all over it so tad would know it was from me. and when mom tried to take it away before i was done, of course i ran away with it so i could finish the job properly. and then, yes, i will admit it did become something of a game (i forgot what i had in my mouth as mom and i played keep-away) and i did get a little teethy on the card. and it got torn up a little. but my intentions were totally pure. i am innocent, and we are taking tad's pressie over to him as soon as mom gets home.
thank you blog pals for believing in me. mom made sophie apologize for the viscious accusations and she even ate off of the same plate with me last night. i still love her, even though she is a mean sister most of the time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

TADdle tale by sophie

tad, this is sophie. if your massacreversary pressie doesn't make it to your house, here is proof of why. coco was all like, mom can i pleeeeeease seal tad's card-envelope-thing with a kiss? all innocent and doe-eyed. and mom was all like, aw honey how sweet of you - of course you can - what a thoughtful gesture...
then of course the truth comes out about little miss stealer as she grabs the card away from mom and runs away as fast as she can. she took it to her room and tried to lay low, hoping no one would notice her stealering (as if!!) she's like, hey if i dont' look at you then i don't see you and if i dont' see you, you don't see me, right? right??but you can plainly see by the look on her face that she is guilty and she knows she is a stealer and her name is coco stealerton and she stealers all the time. maybe she wants to make sure mom takes her over to tad's when she delivers the pressie. or maybe she wants to feel close to tad. whatever the reason, she is a kriminal because she takes things that do NOT belong to her every minute of every hour of every day and no one knows this better than me because she stealers my stuff constantly. so i'm just here to expose her for what she really is. not that i'm bitter, mind you, but you have the right to know the truth.

and i always tell the truth and i always (well almost always) pee and poo outside in the YARD like i'm supposed to (or at least in the dining room where no one sees me and not in PLAIN VIEW like some animals do) and i do better tricks than this stealer ever dreamed of and i am honest i hope tad gets his pressie before she stealers it too. - sophie