Friday, August 31, 2007

Barkday pawty numero dos

i'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get mom to give up the computer to me! she's been a nut-case for the past couple of weeks with lots of bor-ing crap. but now it's my turn to show you what happened when i turned one!
there were packages from all over the WORLD! this one is from the gorgeous bella in australia! i just crawled right inside to check it out!
and ohmydog, look what i found: yummy treats, a kangaroo and a koala bear!!! exotic animal friends from down under!! then there was this package from the lovely Ume - all the way from Singapore!!!! check it out!!!! Ume remembered that i love notatoys and sent me a GIANT one that mommy won't steal away from me! and there were these amazing popsicle things that i went crazy for, and even a bow for sophie. how thoughtful!
...and delicious! then the enchanting "massah" stopped by with a delivery from cousins fig and tad!!! fig gave me a froggie to remind me of my beloved tadpole...
and taddie gave me a pig to remind me of fig!! (um, i didn't quite "get that" cuz um, er, i do not see any resemblence whatsoever between a pig and a boston...)
...and then came the piece' de resistance...a screamin' loud balloon on a rope that massah wouldn't let them have becuase it was TOO LOUD. but not for me - it is awesome beyond description! but that's not all....
there was also ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my girl katie came over to join the fun! we pawtied, ate, and played all night 'til i was so pooped i asked mom to please take off my dress, undo my hair, and let me fall into bed.thank you so much to all my wonderful friends for all the b-day wishes and pressies and licks! i am a very lucky girl to have so many great pals. you are all the bestest and i love you with all my puppy-love heart!!! coco

Monday, August 20, 2007

barkday pawty numero uno

OK so this weekend was reeeeaallly busy! first my boy jake moved out on friday and mom cried all night. but then in the middle of all the crying and howling, it was also my very first bark-day, and mom couldn't allow THAT IMPORTANT EVENT to go unnoticed. so for pawty number one, we went over to katie's new apawtment to celebrate and cheer mom up!

first mom and katie sang happy barkday to me, like this: " happy barkday to you (repeat), happy barkday sweet coco, you're my baby boo!" then my girl katie had a shiny little gift bag that i got to tear into! and nobody tried to take it away!!!

it had fun stuff inside! one of those lucky-lorenzo shaped pretend doggins, a tiny little t-shirt from shakawgo and lots of yummy TREATS!

hmmm...ok, there's the shirt...

excuse me a moment, um... *lick, nibble, lick, lick, nibble* right with you...

ohmydog a puppy pretzel *chomp chomp chomp*

... ah, yeah, you know this barkday thing is workin' pret-ty good for me... ...even if i have to wear a goofy t-shirt for a minute and mom's too busy to get rid of the bizarre lights that flashed in my eyeballs when she tried to capture the hallmark moment.
anyway~ thanks to all my wonderful pals for all the happy barkday wishes!!! it was fun! and mom says there will be more pressies to open when she has time to take the pics (ohmydog she is trying to teach me that horrible hooman "virtue" - patience.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

break out the treats!

one year ago today i was borned, so mom says i am the birthday princess all day today! i am officially one year old! mom says we can't have our pawty until probably sunday, but she will take lots of pictures and i'll be posting them next week!
have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend, everydog!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

boredom, diapers and chocolate martinis

mom's been busy moving out the hooman pups. it's so boring around here. everyone was gone ALL DAY LONG yesterday. they said we couldn't come with them cuz we wouldn't have any fun anyway, and might even get stepped on.
i did get a chance to go visit my girl's place yesterday but i got so excited i peed on her carpet and she freaked out. she told mom i had to wear one of my diapers next time i come over.
yes, diapers. i am not posting any pictures of me in them, but my mom did buy me some a few months ago. they are unspeakably gross and embare-assing and i cannot possibly walk in them, let alone pee. (omd if i did, there'd be pee all over my beautiful hair. are these people nuts or what????)
mom is super stressed out and the pawents are growling at each other a lot. she keeps threatening to break out the chocolate martinis. i don't know what those are, but if it makes mom happier and more playful, i'm all for it!
(mom says secret apologies to auntie...butcha gotta remember, she is after all, a mere hooman)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

fracturing pack

lots of weird happenings around here. my girl katie's packing up her stuff to move it to her first apartment. she says i can visit her anytime i want to cos they like having doggins around where she's going. she's moving to a complex next door to mommy's office, so mom says i'll probably get to see her a lot still.

...seems like just yesterday mom took this picture of us together when i was still a baby. now she's all grown up and moving out. mom and i are kinda bummed. but she promises we can have slumber pawties and stuff!

and if that wasn't enough, my boy jake is moving to sha-kawgo this month, too. he's going up there to college, whatever that is.

i don't know why my pack has to be breaking up and scattered about like this. it's very confusing to my little furry brain. jake's apartment complex doesn't allow doggins - even to visit. i think we pissed them off cos i was with mom when we applied for the dumb place. mom says she's gonna sneak me in anyway whenever she feels like it. (she's rebellious like me) it's sure gonna be weird without them around.

Monday, August 6, 2007


welcome, maggie's babies!!!!
i sure hope maggie doesn't mind me borrowing her picture to post
on my blog. i just had to share the pawesome news
with anydog who didn't know that
the lovely maggie rose had 4 babies last week!
they came right out of her tummy somehow!!!
this is my favorite picture - i think it should be published
in a magazine somewhere, don't you?
how utterly precious and adorable!!!!!!
if you wanna see more pix, click here: maggie and her babies!!!
hooray for maggie and her babies!!!!
may they grow strong and
beautiful like their sweet mommy!

evenings on the porch

weekends can be good! especially when there's hooman food to be had.
here we are with dad out on our back porch.
he's eating something good, and he's sharing!!!
sophie doesn't like me getting too close.
but at least she's letting me beg with her now...

and daddy is very fair in his sharing.
one bite for her, one bite for me.
we take turns.
hope everydog had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

one more kiss

i knew i had a picture of us somewhere. me and my cousin sadie.
auntie took me over to meet her when she was puppy-sitting me.
may i leave a legacy of love to my family that is as long and wonderful as yours, miss sadie.
love forever, coco

playing outside!

here we are, playing in our backyard. granted, we are not playing together - that would appawently be too much to ask of prissy sissy.

so while she goes off to hamburger-playland, let's see what i can find to chew around on... my favorite thing is grass, of course, but mom gets all annoyed when i do that. (she says it comes out all twisted up in my poo!!!)

oh yeah, baby, it's dad's nasty shoe insole. he leaves his workin-in-the-yard shoes on the porch for me to rip up when he's not home. nice daddy!

hey, if he doesn't want me chewing them up, why's he leave them laying around??

it's sure been hot where i live in illinois - hope the rest of you are staying cool! have a grrrreat wednesday!

puppy licks, coco