Monday, July 30, 2007

Good night, Sadie

We lost a precious friend today
the kind you can't replace,
I close my eyes and hear her voice,
I still can see her face.
I know she's in a special place
that God has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
make them strong and whole again.
I know she's watching over us
She'll be with us when we cry,
And knowing we shall meet again
Helps ease our sad goodbye.

With Sweet Goodnight kisses, In Loving Memory of our beloved cousin Sadie.

coco, sophie, and their mommy

secret entry by sophie!!!!

hey everydog! i'm back! goofy coco is off ruining our girl katie's underwear, so i thought i'd come on her blog and tell you about my FA-VOR-ITE toy.
ohmydog it is the most pawesome toy on earth. it smells incredible, it squeaks when i gnaw on it, and i daresay i have an obsession with it. i bark for it, cry for it, and sit up and beg for it.

until mom gives it up for me...
here i come, hamburger!
oh yeah!!!!!!!! you gotta try it!
meanwhile, goofball comes outside too. guess what she thinks is fun to chew on. dad's shoe insole. she has absolutely no class. just look at her hair! what a mess - no bow, all scruffy! what does mom see in her anyway????
mom tried to make us sit together for a picture. i'm like, i gotta go....
anypoo, nice chattin with you all - until next time
lotsa licks, miss polished and sophisticated sophie

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

vote for coco again!

oh no! i'm falling behind in the most pampered pet contest my mom entered me in! even if you've voted (rated me a 10!!) before, you can vote again! here's the link:

i know, my mom's acting so hyper about it, but she really wants me to win all the fun prizes and stuff. anyway, thanks for your support!!!! (i just hope she doesn't try to get me into politics)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i just embarassed myself.
i did not know that maggie rose was going to have BABIES come out of her tummy. i just met her online, so how could i have known? anyway, when i found out i posted so many comments to her blog no i feel silly - - - but i was just SO excited!!!!

i just loooooove babies!!! my mom's eeeeeeeeevil quack-doctor took my baby-box out so i can't have babies in my tummy. maybe maggie rose will let me be a special auntie.

Monday, July 23, 2007

attempts at smiling

hey everydoggy! i was asked to post some of my smiles awhile ago, but mom has been having trouble getting good shots of me smiling. in this first one i tried to smile like the rest of you, but whenever i try to do an open-mouth smile i just end up looking like i'm all hot and panting. i'm more inclined to just smile like this:
and sometimes, i even wink when i smile, like this:

maybe i'm still too young to smile right. i'll keep working on it, though. have a sun-shining, running-in-the-yard kind of day! coco

Thursday, July 19, 2007

puppy in the city!

my girl katie's having a birthday tomorrow! so mommy took us on a road trip to celebrate and i got to go along! (note: i did not ride on mom's lap more than just a moment cuz katie said she was acting like britney spears, whoever that is) anyway, just me, mom and katie went to this big really loud place called sha-kawgo~

we had a slumber party at this place with beds called the hotel peninsula where they love doggins as much as hoomans. it was pawesome! there was a little cake with a message waiting for katie when we got there. it made her so happy!

mom was not being very generous about the cake, but i snuck a lick of the fork when no one was looking - it was sooooooooooo yummy!!but guess what! i had my OWN TRAY with my own dishes and bottle of water!
but mom's water tasted better out of her fancy glass.
then we went shopping at this amaaaazing store called tails in the city, where all the latest glam-dog fashions are to be found, along with toys and snackies and everything. mom got me this new dress with little sparkly cherries and a hood. it's soft!
she also got me this really fun octa-puss that makes the funnest sounds when i shake it!

after sleeping cuddled in a huge bed between my girl and mommy, we ate breakfast at this sidewalk cafe that mom loves. she gave me some of her alsatian scrambled eggs! (mom's coffee cup was so big i think i could've crawled inside it!!)
happy birthday, katie. and thanks for letting me go to your slumber party.
i love sha-kawgo!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Uninvited Guest!

hey puppy-pals. you won't believe what my mom did the other day.
she brought this into our home:
yes, one of those twittery weird creatures that fly around outside and make
pesky little sounds at us! only this one was in a prison!
i couldn't believe mommy caught one!

i was absolutely stunned. and a bit apprehensive, too. it made a lot of sudden
movements, scaring me half to death. i had to yell at it really good to
make it stop! it just cocked it's little head to the side and listened like
it was trying to understand what i was saying, which of course was
"stop it right there, creepy! i can take you any time i need to,
just give me an excuse!!!" it was soooooo weird.

nothing about this smelled right. but mom said she was only keeping the
thing for one night, which was plenty enough for me.
i like chasing and yelling at them in the yard,
but i don't exactly care to have one living inside my house. *shudder*

then mom starting SINGING to it and TALKING to it,
saying the same thing over and over and over.
pretty ba-by; pretty ba-by; pretty ba-by. i'm like, huh?! that's what you say to me!

i'll never understand why this happened,
but i sure hope mom doesn't do it again.
it was just - wrong. (even though it was kinda cute, in an alarming sort of way)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

some of you were wanting to see a photo of little miss live-in-the-closet sophie. there she is. in the closet.

oh, and check out the t-shirt she's been wearing.

here's a close-up so you can get a load of what she's saying. it's about me. she says she got punk'd cuz i moved in. hmph. what a drama queen.

i'm like whatEVER. i don't let it get to me. i just go about my business, hanging out with mom...

eating delicious foods...

and knowing i look so much cuter in my favorite mod dress than she does in her ratty old t-shirt anyway.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

guilt purchase

guilt can be a beautiful thing.

it can really work for a girl. case in point: my new dress, d&g shoe, and matching drooley &
bark pawbag.

the shoe tastes pretty good, but i'm more into the texture of it.

it's not as good as having mommy home more, but it helps. so does the liver biscotti she gave me - yum!

then my girl katie shared her teeny-tiny ice cream cone with me!! it turned out to be a pretty doggone good day! hope yours was too!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

my mom has been gone all day long every day for like a million days. her job is helping people find new houses to live in when they want or need to move. then she helps them sell their old one, too, if they have one. and ever since saturday, she's been helping "clients" from california who need a house to live in here in illinois, and she's with them all the time cuz they need a new house, like now. the mom is starting a new job and they have to get a place to live, like immediately. mom loves her job and loves these "clients" but when she comes home, she is just too pooped to be any fun. i heard her telling daddy that she's shown them like 30-some houses in 3 days. and these "clients" have 2 little kids, it's veeeeeeery hot outside, and everyone's just worn the heck out, and they STILL haven't found "the perfect house."

i brought her my new zebra toy, but she just kinda moved it around a little, as if that was going to be any fun. it wasn't.

i try to be as adorable as possible, but all she wants to do is cuddle. i need to play!

geesh. if anydoggie knows where this perfect house is, please have your mom call my mom so she can help these people and we can all have our lives back!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

hey everydog!

my mom's been talking about maybe having a barkday party for me when i turn one next month! she's going to invite auntie, massah, fig and tad! she wants to make sure i'm with my cuzzin doggins as much as possible so i am well socialized and don't turn out like my goofy sis sophie. i completely agree!!!!!!! i know all you doggins out there are experienced partiers, so if you have ideas for throwing the bestest kind of barkday party, i'd love to hear them.

i have to confess, i am a tad bit worried, though. haha! i made a pun!! but tad isn't the one who worries me. it's the wondrous but quite fierce fig. i found this picture hiding in massah's blog. take a look and tell me why i shouldn't be concerned.

i think somedog needs to explain quite clearly to my beloved fig that i am not a notatoy. i am real.

but i've been practising what to do if she ever really tries anything serious. i can be pretty ferocious myself, mom says.

also, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't forget to vote for me on so i can win cool prizes! oh, and I AM THE COCO YORKIE ON THE LEOPARD BLANKIE. last time i checked, that other IMPOSTER coco was in first place!

have a pawsitively grrrrrrrrreat friday!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

vote for coco!

guess what puppyfriends! mom entered me in a booeauty contest on pampered pups' website! isn't she silly?!! if you want to vote for me, you go to the link below and then click on the "rate it" button below my picture. then you can rate me from 1-10. yes, i know, it only goes to 10, even though my mom says i'm at least an 11!
IMPORTANT NOTE: THERE IS MORE THAN ONE COCO YORKIE IN THIS CONTEST!! don't be fooled by imposters - i'm on my leopard blankie!!!

while you are there, you should definitely check out the prizes i get if i win! and not only that, every month they start the contest over again, so if you are still a puppy, PLEASE enter next month and we can all vote for YOU TOO!!!!

thanks for your support!!!!