Friday, July 6, 2007

hey everydog!

my mom's been talking about maybe having a barkday party for me when i turn one next month! she's going to invite auntie, massah, fig and tad! she wants to make sure i'm with my cuzzin doggins as much as possible so i am well socialized and don't turn out like my goofy sis sophie. i completely agree!!!!!!! i know all you doggins out there are experienced partiers, so if you have ideas for throwing the bestest kind of barkday party, i'd love to hear them.

i have to confess, i am a tad bit worried, though. haha! i made a pun!! but tad isn't the one who worries me. it's the wondrous but quite fierce fig. i found this picture hiding in massah's blog. take a look and tell me why i shouldn't be concerned.

i think somedog needs to explain quite clearly to my beloved fig that i am not a notatoy. i am real.

but i've been practising what to do if she ever really tries anything serious. i can be pretty ferocious myself, mom says.

also, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't forget to vote for me on so i can win cool prizes! oh, and I AM THE COCO YORKIE ON THE LEOPARD BLANKIE. last time i checked, that other IMPOSTER coco was in first place!

have a pawsitively grrrrrrrrreat friday!


Balboa & Mommy said...

Well those teeth are quite fierce, I wouldn't mess with you.

mommy gave me allsorts of treats on my first birthday, it was wonderful and yummy!

I got lots of presents and even took a picture with a party hat on. hee hee

You're gonna have lots of fun

Frenchie Snorts

Oscar Airedale said...

Foof, food and more food makes for a great pawty!

I already voted for you. I will see if I can vote again!

Oscar x

fig said...

I wouldn't EAT you, Coco... I would just shake you around a bit and see if you squeak like my other toys...! Jeesh.

And I think a good party would be 5 bowls of food for me, and then a gift bag with 7 new Cuzes in it (for me too).

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Coco,

I voted for you but I'm gonna try from momma's work computer and see if it will let me vote again!

I think for your barksday fig should have to wear a donkey costume and then you should try to pin the tail on her! hehe!


Ricky Pepper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ricky Pepper said...

PS My mom sent the pee mail to all of her work peoples so they would vote for you. :)

I am going to enter next month!

Tadpole said...

Coco!!! A PAWTY?! How fun!!! I think running around in your fenced-in yard would be GREAT! Or going to the dog park - that's kinda fun, too!

Joe Stains said...

wooah you look fierce but I have to tell you that you stand little to no chance against a Boston Terrorist, believe me, I know!!

Bella said...

Whew that fierce face scared me - Fig better watchout.
You should definitely have a pawty & you can invite all the DWB friends too.
I think you could pick a theme - like everyone wear your favorite colour or period in history etc.
ps have you got your b'day on the DWB Calendar?

PreciOus said...

I had cakes and treats and cookies and jellies and and.. Opps, but the best part about pawty is food isn't it? Tee Hee. I hope I could join you too.

p.s. Coco, if I start walking now, will I be able to reach your house next month? Hmm..


Toby said...

Yikes, I think Fig was trying to eat you alive in that picture! I'd be scared too...

We're going right over to vote for yah!!


Stanley said...


Thanks for stopping by GooberStan and admiring Merv's photo genius. You are such a bootiful girl, and fierce and sassy too. (I wouldn't want to be Fig if she tried something on you).

Hope your pawty planning goes well. The only advice I can give right now is, make sure there's plenty of snacks and eatables there!

BTW, I'll be linking my page to yours so I can keep up with your scoop!

Your goober buddy,

Ume said...

hi cutie-pie Coco.
i voted for u too! u definitely win the other Coco paws down!
ooohhh... barkday pawty! 1st we need food, erm, then more food, n of cos a barkday cake!

Rodrigo said...

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Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Coco...
I think Fig loves you very much...she's just feisty (like me) and wants to play. You just need to stand up to her (or run away real quick).

As for your long as there are snackies it a party. Nanook's momma posted some good recipes for salmon cooks. I highly recommend them...but check first to see if Taddy can have don't want to anger his pancreas.

When is your barkday?

Lots of licks, Ruby

Lorenza said...

Hi, Coco.
I read Fig comment. See, she didn't want to eat you, but to play with you like a toy!! Keep that fiece face!!
Food that all of you can enjoy and toys. What about a piñata?? They are fun!!
Have a good night

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Coco,

You look so cute being bounced in the air!

xxx Asta down under

ToFFee said...

Hey Coco!

I had a run in with someone who looks like you in the petshop.

but I'll tell you all about it later on..

I think Fig is looking at you with hungry eyes!

I already voted for you!!!!

others are pretty bleak compared to lovely coco (oh that's mom by the way!)

I see you're 4 pounds.. I'm 4 kilos! waaaaah! I'm sooo fat now!

hey, do you think I can join this? how old do you need to be? Since Ricky is joining this month.. maybe I'll join on september????

Wowf! pawties! are you inviting us???

hey! how about frosty paws? great for hot weather!


ToFFee said...

awwwww.. I tried voting again but it's for only one computer!

I'll do it again at home. I peemailed my mom and dad's work pawends to vote for you too!

hope you win!


PreciOus said...

Coco, I've tagged you! Come over my blog to find out more. Hee.


The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You!
Come and check it out at The Cat Realm!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Hey Cutie.. check by my blog later on... I am giving you an award ;)